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Our rigid plastic isolators give you a more solid solution

The soloMAX range of isolators is manufactured from rigid plastic materials for use in high containment (low nanogramme/m³ performance) and aseptic process type applications providing shorter deliveries and life cycle cost benefits against traditional rigid stainless steel isolators.

soloMAX is designed for use with standalone operations such as Sampling, Dispensing, Charging and Offloading and for the integration of a wide range of process equipment, mills, sieves, tablet presses, tray dryers, etc., as well as aseptic process including sterility testing, vial filling, freeze dryer loading and unloading, etc.

Improved operator interface is provided via inclined (10°) operator access panels, oval gloveports and chamber layouts developed with the aid of full scale mock-ups accommodating multi operator usage.

Both turbulent and laminar airflow systems can be specified, operating at either negative or positive pressures to the surrounding ambient condition, providing operator, product and environment protection. Controlled transfer into or out of the isolator is provided via pressure controlled Airlocks, Bag In-Bag Out Ports, Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs) and contained make and break devices.

Decontamination of the internal surfaces is provided by integrated manual or automated Wash In Place (WIP)/Clean In Place (CIP) systems.

Strength, reliability and protection

We can tailor the isolator to your needs

…and build-in accessories to your specification

Whatever plastic isolator solution we produce for you, you can rest assured that it will meet the most stringent industry standards and provide your team with the protection they need.

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