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Low Oxygen/
Low Humidity

With all Solo inert gas systems it is the users responsibility to vent all inert gas venting off to atmosphere:

Solo Containment offer a wide range of Inert Gas Work Enclosures for anaerobic or R/H% sensitive applications. Inert Gas Isolators utilise the same flexible film enclosure technology but with gas saturation systems that quickly reduce Oxygen content to circa low % values. The enclosures may be set up for long term operation or designed for single use campaign activities. Where required the enclosures may be Gamma Irradiated for aceptic processing.

Our bench top soloLAB is our entry level Inert environment isolator. This compact unit can be ready to operate in 5 minutes. Inert operation is a simple as plumbing in the gas line into the rear utility sleeve and using the vent filter (P3) to release air until you required gas concentration is achieved. The gas tight zip on the soloLAB will ensure your inert environment is retained over many hours.

Where larger size work chambers are required Solo can offer their popular soloFLEX in a range of sizes providing 885mm, 1385 or 1885mm wide work stations. For inert operation an number of gas supply and venting filter options are available for P3 breather discs to certified H14 HEPA systems. Again use of gas tight zippers and gas tight plug seals on continuous liner ports helps maintain the inert gas concentration for many hours.

For large scale process interface operations the soloPLUS isolator range is available for a wide range of inert gas / dry air applications including Lyo-Guard tray transfer , Lyophiliser access isolation chambers, Process charge isolators as well as milling and micronising.

Semi automatic Inert Gas Supply stations are available to hook up to most of Solo’s flexible isolator formats (not soloLAB). This system provides PALL gas inlet filters, exhaust gas HEPA filters to remove particulate burden with exhaust fans and gas supply flow metering. The IGS is available as a stand alone module with feed and exhaust ports or the IGS can be integrated with Solo’s acrylic pass box system to create a durable load / pre purge station to permit supplies loading with no loss of gas concentration.

Where the IGS and pass box are combined the engineering of the flexible main enclosure can be simplified as zippers and all filtration components are part of the acrylic pass box.

What ever you application involving inert gas or low R/H% environments – Solo Containment have the solution

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