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January 28, 2016

Maximise API Containment!

OEB 5 sub-division:

At solo we specialise in maximising the containment performance of flexible film isolators and that’s why Solo isolators are unique.

With our HEPA filtered NEGATIVE PRESSURE airflow system we bring the added safety to prevent accidental aerosol escape.

Our isolators operate on a strict “one way street” operation and we have SOP’s in place to prevent API back tracking into the load airlocks or onto the continuous liner systems.

When you need the safety and performance of a rigid Stainless Steel isolator – at a much lower cost and with faster delivery – Talk to Solo.

We have high performance containment systems operating around the world.

So whether you have a production process application or a lab scale / drug development application – you can be sure of a right first time solution from Solo Containment…

After all we invite our clients to our state of the art production facility to test and sign off the isolator we have built as part of the FAT.

Think flexible containment for better ergonomics, lower price & faster delivery – now upgrade that to high performance and pre delivery tested and you have the peace of mind of being a Solo Containment customer.