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September 14, 2017

Solo Single Use Technology:

Check out this publication demonstrating the application of what we believe is the worlds first fully disposable , uni directional airflow vial fill isolator.

Together with our partners at Amatsi Group in Bordeaux  we are delighted to report the success of the first ever clinical batches manufactured in a disposable isolator:

User benefits include:

•Assured Grade A fill environment with unidirectional airflow
•Validation data available from  Amatsi Group / Disposable Lab QP
•Skid mounted for fast placement and set-up
•Gamma Irradiated  to eliminate CFU’s
•Fast set up  – Isolator  can be pre loaded with vials, stoppers etc.
•Campaign change over in hours  not days
•Zero Cleaning validation
•Built in Isokinetic tube for particle count monitoring
•Optional controls upgrade for positive pressure aseptic fill  or negative pressure BSL  compound filling
•Nitrogen inert atmosphere option available

Learn more about our Single Use Containment systems at the ADC World Congress in San Diego September 21st & 22nd 2017

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